11 Jul

As I mentioned in my first posting, GNM came into my awareness through Dr Joseph Mercola’s interview with Stanislaw Burzynski on YouTube. I thought Mercola was a doctor of general medicine hosting a website offering comprehensive health advice. Turns out he’s an osteopathic physician by training, and is listed in EsoWatch (here:

EsoWatch, I discovered, “is an internet project founded in 2007 with articles critical of esotericism, conspiracy theories and pseudoscience in CAM[1] [ie alternative medicine]. The platform offers a Wiki, a Blog and a forum…. The German wiki is the largest, with the English a close second” ( Which means EsoWatch, for one, regards Mercola as suspect, and lists many of the reasons he is suspect, but offers no definitive proof either way on the controversies mentioned. The opening paragraph summarises:

Joseph Mercola (born July 8, 1954) is a US-American osteopathic physician, businessman, author, and founder of the alternative medicine-website which markets and sells his health-related products. He is also an anti-vaccinationist, HIV/aids-denialist, an outspoken critic of FDA and critic of mainstream medicine, especially regarding the use of prescription drugs. His business practices are regarded as dubious by various sources, and he received several warnings by FDA for violating the law by advertising products using false and exaggerated claims. He is criticized for applying snake-oil vendors’ methods, promising expensive products free of charge and scaring visitors of his website into buying his products with his articles.[2][3]

What I did get from one or two of Mercola’s YouTube clips is that he conducts long interviews with interesting figures in the medical world, but posts an outtake only and then requires subscription to his site to view the rest. Which is annoying, to say the least.

So, doubt is sown. A good thing, as doubt is merely an invitation to more careful thought about appearances. So long as the thought happens, and doesn’t just get stymied by an attitude of persistent doubt.

Furthermore, google reveals a number of other sites highly critical of GNM, EsoWatch being the first one I’m led to ( Here’s another: And yet another:

I’m going to have to read all this material in due course, and I’m guessing McCumiskey hasn’t. (There’s a relatively recent interview with him here:, and I’m curious to know whether he’s moved on or not. A quick scan shows not.)

As I write my wife lies in bed unwell. Her body aches with movement. It came on rapidly this afternoon, although she felt she was getting sick three days ago, though yesterday she was again fine, and most of today too.

Towards the end of last week she babysat an eight year old who’d been off school for a number of days, but was on the mend. Still, she was still in bed with it, and coughing and blowing her nose frequently. Did she catch something? Not possible, says GNM!

On the other hand for the last couple of weeks she has become aware that as a child she desperately wanted a pet, something to cuddle and love. This awareness was prompted by the GNM theory that allergies are symptoms of associations with a biological shock. She has a cat allergy, and reflecting on cats in her childhood, remembered her unrequited longing for a pet to love. Since then she has realised that the faux fur shawls hanging on door knobs in the house, left out rather than put away, are reminders of what a cat feels like. She also told me tonight that she took one to Australia last summer, for the sheer comfort of it. And just yesterday she experienced an aching longing to be hugged, driven by a deep unmet need from long ago.

What would GNM say? I just don’t know it well enough to say with any certainty. But the symptoms of illness right now may well be regarded as belonging to the healing or reparation phase of a special biological programme, and best lived through without suppression by pain killing paracetamol etc. Curiously, the two cats in the home where she babysat last week didn’t cause her any problems.

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